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- Stuck in a health, fitness & lifestyle rut that you know you need to get out of

- Carrying a lot of excess body fat and struggling to shift it

- Frustrated at seeing no progress despite your efforts

- Bloated, stressed out and feeling totally zapped of energy for daily life

- Unhappy with your current health and fitness situation and how it's affecting your quality of life

If it does and you're serious about changing it, your next step is to commit to doing something about it. 

Whether you're a busy mother or father struggling too live a healthy lifestyle, a stressed out business owner, or someone looking for sustainable health, fitness & weight loss, kickstart your health & fitness goals with our 7 Day Kickstart Challenge for just  €67

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Does This Sound Like You?

7 Day Kickstart Challenge

Experience the atmosphere, support and accountability of our 100% results-driven facility

  • Client-focused coaches
  • Great clients that create a social atmosphere
  • Engaging, fun, results-driven workouts 
  • Easy to understand advice that fits into your lifestyle

Try out any of our Fit-For-Life Academy and Semi-private training programs to see what programs best suit your goals

Work with qualified coaches that have helped 800+ Cork clients to achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals

7 Days, 7 Great Benefits

Receive a full initial assessment

  • Core strength- benefits- why are we doing this
  • Postural analysis- benfits- why are we doing this
  • Joint mobility tests- benefits- why are we doing this
  • Measurements- body fat, waist, abdomen, weight, etc.- benefits- wy are we doing this

Get to know us, our clients and our training style to see if you like what we do and whether or not we are the right fit for you 

Post-trial consultation to assess your progress, set goals and to create a plan for longer-term success if you decide to stay on as a client

7 days of nutritional guidance highlighting that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring!



What we absolutely will promise is to give you a great opportunity to try out our services, and to provide you with the best possible support, coaching and accountability so you can decide whether or not we are the right choice for your personal goals.

That's our promise.

From speaking to countless people over the years, I know getting started on your health, fitness and fat loss goals can be a daunting and scary step to take. Negative past experiences, personal doubts and previous failed attempts all influence our decision to get started. Our team has helped hundreds of clients overcome these obstacles and enjoy a higher quality lifestyle as a result, and our 7 Day Kickstart Challenge is our way of helping you do the same.

We’d love to have the chance to show you what we do, discuss your goals and see our services are the right fit for you and your goals.

Enter your details below and we'll be in touch to start your 7 Day Kickstart Challenge- you’re first step to getting started on your goals.

We will not get you to your long-term goal in 7 days.

If that is what you are looking for then please do not take us up on this offer as we will not deliver!!

"Changing my lifestyle has given me a new lease of life where I have the energy and confidence to do the things I want to do. I feel like I’m moving in the right direction and that I’m in a good, manageable routine with my healthy lifestyle. I just feel way better in myself now because I have proven to myself that I’m capable of achieving the goals I set for myself.".

Shauna Donovan

“Because of my program I am much stronger and fitter now than I have ever been!

The level of instruction on my program

and exercise technique during training is superb. I always feel valued from the moment I walk in the door".

Donal Herlihy

Self employed business man

" I have gotten much stronger and I’m able to maintain better posture during long hours of work. My back pain  and  energy levels have improved during the day and evenings which is great . My new energy and strength  are a great help in dealing with work stress and motivation in everyday life."

Magda Koska

Busy, Busy, busy woman!!

Getting a grip on the amount of drinking I was doing, nailing the poor nutrition habits and getting active were my big focuses and I’m delighted that they have paid off in a much better quality of life for me. I’m healthier, fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been and I’ve a totally different outlook on life with regard to my health, food and fitness."

Kevin Bardsley

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